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  • Saucy Stickers

    Pan-seared pot stickers, served with a tantalizing duo of honey soy and Thai chili sauce
  • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

    Crispy chicken wings in a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, served with ranch, or blue cheese dressing
  • Kung Pao Cauli-Bites

    Cauliflower florets lightly battered and fried until crispy, then tossed in a spicy Kung Pad sauce
  • Steamy Bean Poppers

    Steamed soy beans served with a choice side of rice or salad
  • Thai-Tastic Crab Rangoons

    Crab rangoons served with Thai chili sauce and duck sauce
  • Teriyaki Tango Bowl

    Teriyaki chicken bowl served with rice


  • D.I.Y. Bowl

    Build your own bowl
  • Miso Hungry

    Our signature ramen bowl for the unsure and a classic taste to introduce to who we are (Pork Broth, Pork)
  • Hot Mess Express

    A spicy ramen bowl with extra hot sauce and chili oil to appeal to those who like it hot and messy (Chicken Broth, Chicken, Bok Choy)
  • Study Abroad

    A ramen bowl with exotic flavors like kimchi, miso, and nori to give you a taste of faraway places (Chicken Broth, Chicken)
  • Finals Week

    A ramen bowl with extra brain-boosting ingredients like chicken, bok chowy, mushrooms, seaweed, and sesame seeds (Chicken Broth)
  • Broke Student Special

    A cheap but delicious ramen bowl with chicken broth, soft boiled eggs, mushrooms, spinach and green onions
  • Hangover Remedy

    A hearty ramen bowl with bacon, egg, and spicy broth to cure your hangover after a night full of fun (Ginger, Beef Broth, Beef, Broccoli)
  • Meathead

    A meat-lover's ramen bowl with plenty of beef, pork, chicken, and bacon to cure those meaty cravings (Chicken Broth)
  • Ichiraku Bowl (Naruto)

    Naruto's Favorite pork bowl with exactly everything from the anime. Pork scallions cilantro aji tama (marinated boiled egg with spices)
  • Hangout Bowl (For 2)

    A communal ramen bowl meant to share. Double the portion and double the bowl size
  • All Nighter

    A ramen bowl jam packed with energy and clean protein to keep you going during all late-night activities (Chicken, Egg, Broccoli, scallions, Seaweed)
  • Low Country Bowl

    A hearty ramen bowl with sausage, egg, corn, potatoes and spicy broth to give you the low country feel with the Japanese culture
  • Hipster

    A ramen bowl with trendy ingredients like mushrooms, bok choy, egg, scallions, and vegetables (Chicken Broth)


  • Fried Rice

  • Steamy Bean Poppers

  • Steamed Rice

  • Steamed Vegetables


  • Bottled Water

  • Coke

  • Diet Coke

  • Sprite

  • Root Beer

  • Dr. Pepper

  • Ginger Ale

  • Soda Water

  • Tonic Water

  • Mountain Dew

  • Lemonade

  • Diet Dr. Pepper

  • Sweet Iced Tea

  • Unsweet Iced Tea

  • Half Sweet/Half Unsweet Iced Tea

  • Ramune

    Japanese soda

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