WE’RE HIRING! - Looking for well-presented restaurant and catering delivery drivers located in the Statesboro city limits. Competitive pay, good working conditions. APPLY HERE.


Please feel free to contact us using the following methods:

Call or text us on (912) 536-0015

Hotel Deliveries - In adherence with local hotel security protocol, drivers are not allowed to deliver to guest rooms. Our drivers will communicate with hotel guests and provide an estimated time of driver arrival, and hotel guest is to meet their delivery driver at hotel entrance.

Coupon Code Terms and Conditions

Percentage/Dollar Off Coupon Codes

Each coupon code is one-time use per customer, and a minimum food order (different for each coupon) must be met for use.

Why order through BOROtakeOut.com?

We have high standards and expectations of our team as well as our partnering eateries and take pride in the quality local restaurants and businesses we represent. These restaurants are vetted prior inviting them to join our service. We are committed to providing a quality experience to you our delivery customer, promoting Savannah's local food scene and businesses, as well as keeping employment and our operations local.

Why must I set up an account with BOROtakeOut.com?

Once you enter your name, address and phone number all you will have to do is login to place an order. These details on your profile will considerably speed the ordering process and expedite your delivery. This information can help us provide a more customized service to you, if your favorite restaurant is offering delivery specials or joining BOROtakeOut.com for delivery, we can let you know!

What are your payment options?

We accept major cards (credit and debit) such as Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover, as well as BOROtakeOut.com gift cards. To keep our operations quick and efficient, and most importantly for the safety of our delivery team, No cash or checks are accepted.

Can I pre-order to request a specific delivery time and date?

Yes! This is highly recommended for large group orders such as offices, work places, meetings, gatherings or parties. Some restaurants may need 48hrs notice to cater specific requests (Sweet Magnolias for example) and we recommend you give us a call on (912) 536-0015 should you have a large order placed so we may contact the restaurant and ensure they are adequately prepared to cater.

Click on the Deliver Later button, located on the homepage just beside where you enter your address. Here you can schedule your preferred delivery time and the system will allow you to browse the restaurants available for you to order from according to your requested delivery time. We try meet your specific delivery time though depending on demand of service or the size of your order, it is possible that the delivery may arrive a little later.

How much is the delivery fee?

Our delivery fees are distance based. Enter your address to view the delivery fees for restaurants available to you.

Is there a minimum order?

We do have a minimum order of $15.00 to make our service as accessible as possible to our customers. This minimum may increase should our drivers encounter busy periods of demand. Certain post codes and restaurants may have a higher minimum order of $25-35 plus gratuity due to distance our drivers must travel to deliver as well as handling. Food orders of over $100 will incur a compulsory tip to your driver of 15%. Our system will automatically inform you during the ordering process and provide your cost upfront.

What if I want to order online but don't know how?

Just click on the help button and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to place an order.

Can I call in an order?

Call us on (912) 536-0015 - Our customer service representatives will enter your order on our system for you and process the order. Please be aware that there is an additional charge of $1.00 for orders processed over phone.

Can I order from more than one restaurant?

Certainly! Please note that it may take a little longer for your order to be delivered due to the driver collecting your orders from the multiple locations.

How do you preserve the quality of my food during transit?

We use premium line-insulated bags for to-go food containers and pizza boxes to ensure you receive your order hot and preserve food quality. It is required that our delivery team place the items in their catering bag before leaving restaurant and only remove the food from the bag once they are handing over the food to the customer.

How do I communicate any special requests?

After you order an item there is a button labeled Customize. Click, and type in your instructions. Of course if you are calling, just let us know!

Can our office or party pay for orders individually?

Yes, multiple card (or gift card) payments are accepted at checkout though are limited.

Parking is an issue where you live/work, or your located in an office building?

We will always do our best to deliver to wherever you are, though our delivery team may call to arrange to meet you at an agreed location to handover your order.

How can I get a printed menu?

At the top right hand corner is an icon for a printable version. Hit the icon and then print. You will have an easily read menu to post on your refrigerator or to pass around.

Please note:

We do not open your food containers or boxes for any reason. It is the restaurant's responsibility to make sure your order is correct. If items are missing from your order, or prepared incorrectly please call or text our customer service/dispatch team immidiately on (912) 536-0015, or use our website/app chat feature and we will promptly rectify. Photos as proof of issue help us and our restaurants to provide appropriate service recovery. Being notified next day or later of an issue with your order may constrict or forfit an oppotunity for service recovery or refund. It is up to the restaurant in question to authorize any service recovery or refunds.

Once the order has been sent to the restaurant, it cannot be cancelled. Please contact our customer service center to cancel any advanced orders (Deliver Later option).

Only card payments are accepted or BOROtakeOut.com gift cards. We accept major cards (credit and debit) such as Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.

Once an order is placed, it is paid for and final. Orders already received by restaurant may not permit changes or cancellation as they would have started working on your order. BOROtakeOut.com LLC is reachable by phone by calling/texting (912) 536-0015, or chat through our website or app. Customer card refunds for issues that are not the fault of BOROtakeOut.com LLC may incur applicable fees and charges.

We do not set or have any influence on menu pricing for our partnering restaurants or businesses. All prices are set by the owners of the restaurants/businesses and not by BOROtakeOut.com.

FOOD ALLERGIES - Should you have any allergy concerns, please ensure to add this as a special instruction to your order informing restaurants about any modifications they may need to make.


(912) 536-0015

Statesboro, Georgia